I haven’t lost (or gained) a significant amount of weight. I’m still TRYING to be mindful of what I eat. I’m technically on Weight Watchers again, but haven’t been tracking or really following the program. Yet, for some reason the image in the mirror isn’t quite as bad as it used to be (even the NAKED image]. What is happening? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Am I FINALLY starting to expect something worse rather than expecting to still see that 18-year old hottie? Am I accepting who I am and embracing my curves? There has been a lot of media hype lately about that subject. Are they subconsciously getting to me? I don’t really know how I feel about this, honestly. No Seriously! This could be really bad! What if I stop worrying about it so much and end up getting even bigger? I really can’t let that happen. What if I get complacent with where I am and just stay here – is that ok? I really don’t know… My confidence has been really good lately… is it just a product of that? I’m just feeling better about myself internally so that automatically translates to feeling better about myself externally? I’m so confused. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else ever experienced this?


About FitBy40

I am a married mother of a college student. I have two awesome dogs and a beautiful cat. I work full-time and go to school part-time, and now I'm getting fit!

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