I really need to get back in the game! I’ve been working out fairly regularly, although I missed all last week. I’m having trainer issues – like he’s not being very reliable. He’s moving up to “master” trainer, and if I want to stay with him I’ll have to upgrade my membership to “master” which = more $$$. I was going to do it, but I’ve changed my mind. The main reason I’ve changed my mind is because WE FINALLY GOT OUR HOUSE!!! I’m going to be moving soon, and changing gyms and trainers, anyway. I haven’t told him yet, but if I see him at the gym tonight I will let him know.

School is out and I got straight “A’s” – did anyone expect any less? I always do well, but always stress out about it! I try so hard to tell myself that I’m great and wonderful and I don’t need to stress out so much about it, but I always do anyway.

So, somehow, regardless of how good or not good I’ve bee, I have still managed to lose a couple of pounds. I’d been going back and forth lately, hovering around that 20lb lost mark, but as-of yesterday I’m down 23 lbs! I’ve been stuck here for quite a while, though. I know it’s all due to my food and eating habits. I’ve GOT to get more consistent!!! Now that school is out, I have no excuses! I guess thank goodness I have been working out or I’m sure that number would be much more grim!

Things at home are good! Took care of the daughter issues and things are really looking up. She finally got a job and is staying with a friend so all is well 🙂 She even came over last night and gave me my Mother’s Day gift early because she has to work on Mother’s Day. She gave me a beautiful butterfly necklace – I’m wearing it today. I love butterflies!

So, I WILL be posting at least weekly throughout the summer. Stay Strong – or get strong again like I am!!!


About FitBy40

I am a married mother of a college student. I have two awesome dogs and a beautiful cat. I work full-time and go to school part-time, and now I'm getting fit!

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