Ok, now is when I get to find out what I’m made of. There are several things bringing me down right now, most that I won’t get into, but life is a roller coaster and I’m in the valley right now. It’s times like these that I usually give up, get weak. It happens every time! There is always a valley. But not this time. Nope. I’m pressing on through it all – no matter what it is. I have my goal set and NOTHING is going to stop me from reaching it! Not selling my house, not trying to find a house, not my job, not my health, not my neighbors, not my family…. NOTHING. There, I’ve said it. It’s out there. Does that make me selfish? Because sometimes I feel that way. I’d much rather my family be on board with me, with giong to the gym – go with me, ya know? I still hope to inspire….

Speaking of the gym, my trainer, Cody, got promoted and moved to a different gym. And not the gym I will most likely end up working out at either. So, Saturday I had to start with an all new trainer. This one’s name is Frank, he’s cute, young, was maybe a little too nice, but I’m sure that will wear off, just like my not complaining during the workout will wear off. My abs are still sore from that Saturday morning workout, though. Yay!

Saw 7 houses on Saturday…. none that I’m in love with. The hunt continues.

On a positive side-note, I went to scratch my bicep yesterday because it itched and whoa…. have I got muscle!! It was pretty dang cool to feel that in such an unexpected way.

We really need to stay strong people! I need your help!


About FitBy40

I am a married mother of a college student. I have two awesome dogs and a beautiful cat. I work full-time and go to school part-time, and now I'm getting fit!

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  1. ellieb67 says:

    No, you aren’t selfish! You have to take care of yourself. Don’t give up!

  2. You CAN do it! We can all do it together! Yes, there are always peaks and valleys…we have to push through those valleys and work hard to get to those peaks. It will be SO worth it. (now if only I’d take my own advice…)

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